DC x Hastings (see our web site)
2 ADGA American Toggenburg buck kids born March 12 ready to go May 12 unless you want to bottle feed. out of a set of triplets-doe retained. $200 each

Snapple x Cow (Deep Well Gold Peak)
ADGA American Alpine buck born Feb 17 ready to go April 17 unless switching to bottle feeding. $200

dam raised, disbudded, CD/T, wormed, no lice

Also have Togg/Alpine crosses, Grade/Togg cross, Grade/Alpine cross does can all be ADGA registered. Bucks cannot. Will wether bucks $50. See web site for pictures, pedigrees, descriptions. Kids are all being dam raised can be weaned(picked up)at 8 weeks, sooner if you switch to bottle feeding.

Barrage's 2-14 (Grade doe x American Togg buck) buck & doe $150 for doe
Ruffian's 2-15 (American Togg doe x American Alpine buck) twin bucks
Secret's 2-16 (American Togg doe x American Alpine buck) buck&doe $150 doe
Sarah's 2-21 (Grade doe x American Togg buck) twin does $150 each
Babette's 3-13 (Togg doe x Alpine buck) twin bucks
Vain's 3-13 (Grade doe x Togg buck) single buck
Odyssey's 3-18 (American Togg doe x Alpine buck) doe kid correct Togg markings except has an extra white swirl on her forehead. This doe is tall and long, very correct, has curly hair, should show well! $200

Buck kids are very nice if you do not need papers. ADGA does not register mixed breed bucks. All Sires and Dams are ADGA registered. Kids come with ADGA registration forms for you to process. PM for pictures of kids include dam's name. find us on FB at Deep Well Farm and at


Lynne Shaffer
Crystal Spring
ADGA Toggenburg & Alpine kids