Saturday, September 26, 2015 9 AM - 4 PM Downtown Columbia, Pennsylvania

Legend says that an ape like creature lived in the trees at Chickies Rock, a scenic overlook on ...the outskirts of Columbia, PA. They would come down from the trees and steal apples from people picnicking eat them then throw the cores back at the people. Giving them the name apple snitcher or albatwitch. The albatwitch has supposedly become extinct but there are those who have claimed to have seen one even I may have seen one, have you?

Enjoy an apple festival dedicated to the local legend the Albatwitch.Food, games and live music along with expert speakers of the mysterious and strange phenomenons.

The Albatwitch Festival is intended as a fundraiser for the two museums and will be a blend of local history and the paranormal, with an array of apple-themed food and craft vendors and activities.

The 2015 edition will have a beefed-up schedule of speakers, including Brian Keene, author of more than 40 horror, crime and dark fantasy books, including Last of the Albatwitches; Kelly Weaver, co-founder of the Spirit society of Pennsylvania; Kenny Biddle, author, photographer, science enthusiast, investigator of paranormal claims and author of Orbs or Dust; A Practical Guide to False Positive Evidence; Rene Kruse, who is known as the ghost lady; Rick Fisher, an innovator in modern ghost hunting techniques; Mark Nesbitt, author of books like the best-selling Ghosts of Gettysburg series; and Sharon Hill, a geologist specializing in science and society, and creator of the blog that casts a skeptical eye on questionable topics that appear in the media such as the paranormal, alternative medicine claims, pseudoscience, and anomalies.

The festival this year also will feature the inaugural Zombie Beauty Contest and an apple pie contest.


Christopher Vera
2015 Albatwitch Festival